Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pietopia Pie Contest 2008!

Pietopia Pie Contest

An exhibition to discover the taste of life in Portland, OR

What does it taste like to be unemployed, starting a new job, just married, divorced, a new homeowner or desperately searching for housing? What kind of pie would describe the way you are feeling right now? Could you imagine your thoughts, concerns or joys transformed into the All-American Pie? If so, take part in the Pietopia Pie Contest!

To participate, please submit your pie recipe and written explanation, including why you chose the recipe and how the taste of it relates to the current state of your life in under 300 words by July 15th, 2008. The project will culminate with an exhibition of the winners at the Portland Farmer’s Market Eastbank between 20th and Salmon on Thursday August 21, 2008. Each winning pie will receive a limited edition screen print reflecting the ideas in the written statement. Pies will be judged upon the creativity and innovativeness in ideas reflecting the ingredients used in the recipe.

Get as creative or as traditional as you want with your pies! Savory, sweet, fruit, cream, custard, meat, or vegan, do it up! The winners will bring their pie's to the Eastbank Farmer's Market (20th and Salmon SE) August 21st, 2008 for some good old fashioned tasting and show off their baking skills. Come and taste what your community is feeling! Plus check out the amazing silk-screens that will be specially designed for each winning pie.

Tricia Martin is an artist and designer exploring our community’s state of being. Inspired by Portland’s foodie culture, Martin is looking to channel this interest and commitment to good food as a way to explore how food can become a symbol for thoughts and feelings of a community.

Please send statements and recipes to:

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Kate Lebo said...

this is brilliant. I love the connection you're making between time & place, mood & food. The taste of pie as a metaphor for how we feel and what we want. Which is pretty much what makes a food craving, isn't it? And in the case of how you used local berries, your pies are a physical representation of a big ol' abstract thing like the local economy. Better than brilliant--fun!

Will you take entries from a Seattleite? I have a Portland pedigree...